How to use disposable gloves correctly

The hand is one of the finest and dense organs in human organs. It consists of 27 bones, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of human bones, and the muscle、 blood vessels and nerve distribution and organization are extremely alarming complex, only the tip of the capillary per square centimeter length of up to several meters, Thousands of thousands. These fine neural networks allow us to feel cold, hot, and pain in a few microseconds, and even feel the slightest vibration of the hair. From the date of birth, the hand did not stop the activities, to the end of life, the average hand can be 250 million times. However, we often ignore the importance of the hand, neglect the proper protection of it, the right choice and the use of protective equipment is necessary.


Attention to the following questions in the process to use disposable gloves:

1) Choose gloves suitable gloves as needed for different workplaces. Gloves size should be appropriate,it will limit blood circulation, easily lead to fatigue and uncomfortable if gloves are too tight; It will be inflexible and easy to fall off if too loose.

2) Check the gloves before wearing, check if ti has small holes or damaged、abrasive place, especially in the fingertips. We can use blowing method to check anti-chemical gloves.

3) before wearing gloves to wash their hands, gloves to wear in the hands of clean (sterile), or sweating work easily breed bacteria.

4) pay attention to the correct way to remove the gloves,prevent the glove contamination of harmful substances exposed to the skin and clothing, resulting in secondary pollution, remove the gloves after washing the hands and wipe the hand cream to protect hands.

5) After working,hand sweat and gloves intimate contact easy to breed bacteria,don’t share gloves with others in order to avoid cross infection.

6) pay attention to the usage of gloves, if a pair of gloves used in different places, it may shorter gloves’shelflife.